Our print magazines as well as web sites are recognized as a solid source of information, news, opinion, insight, analysis, comment, interviews, articles, product features and much more.

We attend the key toy and licensing events across the world, so we are the excellent partners to maintain the contact with buyers and independent retailers during trade meetings and to increase the visibility of your trade advertising messages.

Present time, the ITMA consists of members from Belgium, China, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA


How to Become a Member Publication and Why

  /  How to Become a Member Publication and Why

How to Become a Member Publication:

Contact either of the Co-Presidents of ITMA: Lena Hedo or Reyne Rice, for more information.

Lena Hedö, lena@lekobaby.se  +46 (0)8 508 938 17

Reyne Rice, Reyne@ReyneRice.com   +1 631 335 5917

Why become a member:

Being a member of the ITMA Publication group offers access to the Editors and Publishers of these international publications, and their knowledge and expertise within their markets.  Participating publications are invited to attend international trade fairs and conferences and to access the highest level of engagement with top industry resources that are available to this highly connected team of professionals. 

ITMA Member publications have access to the team of International Editors/Publishers who serve as a group platform team, to share articles, knowledge, trade and industry resources and connections. The team members are engaged on a daily basis with their industries and have input and access to information, resources and insights on the toys, games, kids’ technology and juvenile products businesses within their regions. They are members of and participate in the leading trade associations, trade shows, conferences and contacts within their specific regions of the world. This knowledge base spans Asia, Europe, North America and Scandinavia. They are connected to the Movers and Shakers in their markets and network regularly with key stakeholders in their industries, including retailers, manufacturers, entertainment and licensing studios, trade association management, alliance and partner organizations.

Why not contact us today, to find out if your publication is eligible to participate as a prestigious International Member Publication.